Orange County Real Estate Blog

  • Selecting Architectural Style for Your Home

    BY Ron Accornero

    The architectural style of a home is often highlighted in its online description to help buyers understand its features. But if you don’t know your Tudor from your Craftsmen Bungalow, don’t worry. We can help you sort it out with this condensed ...

  • Turning Your Home into Your Retirement Plan

    BY Ron Accornero

    It is a very good idea to include your home and buying a second home in your retirement plan. Now is a great time to buy, so even if you are not quite to retirement age, why not buy now and begin building equity? This will also give you the chance to...

  • Welcoming Pets Into Your Home

    BY Ron Accornero

    If you are an animal lover, a feathered or furry friend can make your home feel more welcoming. However you may find that your neighbors do not share that opinion. If you have an animal friend in your home, you can follow a few easy rules to live pea...